Antic Iberian period necropolis (VI-V centuries B.C.)

Vitrina 71
In this showcase several burials from the necropolis of the Solivella (Alcala de Xivert, Castellón) and Altea la Vella (Altea, Alicante) are exposed. All dated from the late 6th and 5th centuries B.C., they make up the oldest manifestations of Iberian burials in the area of Valencia.
From this moment onwards, the iberian funeral ritual stands out for two facts: a) the use of potter wheel-made containers to deposit the remains of body cremations (“ear-urns” decorated with painted geometric patterns), and b) the introduction of elements from the panoply (set of weapons of a warrior) as grave goods in some male burials. Small spearheads, iron knives and bronze greaves or shin protectors are exhibited with personal ornaments such as bracelets and belt plates.
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